How To Use The HeadRight®

Posted on June 7th, 2023.

Insert 'The HeadRight®' in a pillow case (queen size is best) and place 'The HeadRight®' with the "roll" flat on the bed and the "ears up" as seen in the image featured in this post.

Start sleeping your way to improved spinal health... …

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6 Ways to Avoid Neck Pain

Posted on June 6th, 2023.

Neck pain can be a real pain in the...well, neck! Many of us have experienced that unpleasant sensation of stiffness, soreness, or even sharp discomfort in our necks. At The HeadRight, a specialty pillow shop based in New York City, we u…

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Why Does the Position You Sleep in Matter?

Posted on June 5th, 2023.

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for our overall well-being, and one of the key factors that can greatly impact the quality of our sleep is the position we sleep in. Many of us may not realize it, but the way we position our bodie…

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